Calm down meridian it was just a dream ... Here ! Take a glass of water .

- no , I don't want water ... Not now ... they deceived us ... are you listening to me ?

- What do you mean ? what do you want me to do ?

- listen carefully and spread it to every one .

they were nervous ! one of them was sweaty and knocking his pen nervously to the map, as the others 13 some of them holding their head and others wiping their eyes with tissues

This MUST happen , so This WILL happen - He shouted angry...

- 130 of east and 110 of west , is ok Sir ? Muttered someone ...

- It's fine !!! Answered his negro lips...

when you will focus on ice , when you have created the false thoughtform which you was imposed then clangour will be heared an the spike will reach up to nine

The Time will be enemy and they know this so they won't tell anything ... they justt will wait.

they want to play with you withought inform you about the rules .

Tha game started and lasts for a month .

I managed to read their boarder ... ... 10 of the one up to 10 of the other it says !

They want to barge this into nature's activity

Don't believe them ... Tell eneryone not to believe them

Tell the marians to hold .. they can and they must hold...

They will receive help from here the Kook , the salomon and aleoutes and from otherside hekel an bartholomiew

Their test MUST NOT be Succeed...

If they even won't reach there thiw would be lucky thing

Can you manage it ?>


- Oh ! Ferdinand would be so Proud for you

- Calm down now ... it was just a dream

- Yeeah ... it was just a dream


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